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Neutral Citation Number: 2015 UKUT 694 AAC
Reported Number:
File Number: UK 313 2015
Appellant: HL
Respondent: Secretary of State for Work and Pensions (PIP)
Judge/Commissioner: Judge C G Ward
Date Of Decision: 17/12/2015
Date Added: 05/01/2016
Main Category: Personal independence payment – mobility activities
Main Subcategory: Mobility activity 1: planning and following journeys
Secondary Category:
Secondary Subcategory:
Notes: Descriptors 1d and 1f are concerned with the ability to navigate. The reasons why such an ability may not be present can, on appropriate findings, extend to the effects of an overwhelming psychological distress DA v SSWP [2015] UKUT 0344 (AAC) ( and other decisions to substantially similar effect, such as CSPIP/255/2015) are preferred to RC v SSWP [2015] UKUT 0386.
Decision(s) to Download: UK 0313 2015-00.doc UK 0313 2015-00.doc