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Neutral Citation Number: 2015 UKUT 622 AAC
Reported Number:
File Number: CPIP 1234 2015
Appellant: PC
Respondent: Secretary of State for Work and Pensions (PIP)
Judge/Commissioner: Judge C G Ward
Date Of Decision: 09/11/2015
Date Added: 24/11/2015
Main Category: Personal independence payment – daily living activities
Main Subcategory: Activity 3: managing therapy or monitoring a health condition
Secondary Category:
Secondary Subcategory:
Notes: Whether something falls within the definition of "therapy" i.e. the PIP Regulations is pre-eminently a matter for the tribunal of fact. There is no hard line which automatically excludes what might be regarded as "medication" from constituting "therapy"
Decision(s) to Download: CPIP 1234 2015-00.doc CPIP 1234 2015-00.doc